Negative Snow - Redux

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released April 29, 2010




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Track Name: Gelare Regia
Induce a state of state neglect
Bring out your dead and your effects
All walls are built to protect
So promise to serve and to dissect

We’ll be feeding on you soon
Consider us your ruin

Behold, the anniversaries
Proles are primary, you’re tertiary
Sucking the marrow, devotee
You’ve lost all your authenticity

Hear us rising from the depths
Silence betrays your final breath
We’ve light-years, you’ve only moments left
We’ll meet you by the gallows’ steps
Track Name: In Japan
First I was just a vessel
Then I was sentimental
Next I was temperamental
Now I am experimental

In Japan

When you leave me
Like Osaka
Two-fifty c.c.’s
Nurse please
Track Name: Mirrors And Cameras
We’ve got a comedian here
We’ve got a comedian here
He sucks honey
Can’t understand a compromise
He sucks honey
Smiles as it oxidises

The mirrors and cameras watch my every move

He’s guided by his inner light
He’s guided by his inner light
He drags his geometry
Compresses his waking life
He drags his geometry
Deflated amigo sighs
Track Name: My Body Is A Nightclub
All my white blood cells leave in a taxi
There’s no room for me
Just plasma
And plastic
And skin

Something’s not quite right
Something’s not quite right

The walls of my stomach drop away
Zoom in
Fade out
Cut to the next shot of you in my eyes

Sunny day
Sunny day
Track Name: A Hole In Twilight
The architecture of inside
You come along just for the ride
Vicarious and second-hand
Precarious and in demand

The symmetry of celluloid
You show me things I will avoid
You change your car
I change my name
Stick tiny needles in your brain

A hole in twilight

The history
The diluted dates
Conveniently sedate the state
The clarity of a second guess
The charity that comes from second best

So I’m your playback
And your cue
I am your scout
Your remote view
You’re temporal
My heart’s for you
We’re held together with God’s glue
Track Name: Nemo
They’re cloning me beneath the waves
They document my DNA

There’s tubes and vials of dead skin cells
Sent forth from reefs with each sea-swell
Track Name: Wet Knife
You’ve got a wet knife
You see by headlights
Come Sunday morning…
…Your new life dawning

You’ve synchronised your head and life
Anaesthetised on the inside

Gloves in the fire
Exec car on hire
Tickets in pocket
Check case then lock it

He worked in the city
It was never pretty
So you splashed out on legroom
And normal service resumes
Track Name: Give Me Strength
Lord, give me strength
Keep me true
For this world was not built by you
I'm sorry to say
That if I had my way
I'd contract my own wrecking crew

Lord, shine your light in my eyes
So I am not blinded by lies
And grant me the grace
To laugh in their faces
When all of us get crucified

Lord, still my heart
Set me free
From the horror that's inside of me
I'll wait for that day
When I stand tall and say,
"Forgive my idiosyncrasies..."